Lepton 3 /BeagleBone Blue contest winner

Hey Lepton makers, Congratulations to Walter Lucetti of Italy on winning the Lepton 3/BeagleBone Blue maker challenge with his SmarTC (Smart Thermal Camera) application. A computer engineer specializing in robotics, computer vision and artificial intelligence, Walter created an intelligent sensor capable of better understanding the environment where a robot is operating, enabling cool features like […]

Lepton Maker Community and Contest updates

Hey Lepton makers,  There were 39 ideas submitted globally in the Lepton 3/BeagleBone Blue maker challenge.  Thanks so much to all of you that submitted ideas.  They were great.  Congratulations to the five finalists: Peb Aryan from Austria is making a person-seeking cooling fan. Bart Garcia from the United Kingdom is making a laser-cutter fire […]

New BeagleBone® Blue contest + new FLIR ONEs

Hey Lepton makers, We’ve had some great ideas and projects submitted in our recent maker challenges – so much so that we want to do it again! We’re teaming up with BeagleBoard.org to offer a new maker challenge that runs from June 19th through August 31st and the grand prize winner will receive a CAT […]

Using Lepton to solve real-world problems

How’s it going, Lepton makers? Brian Boatright’s ThermoDefender platform was just chosen by popular vote of the Lepton Maker community as the new top Lepton make on the forum and is the winner of the Q1 Lepton Maker challenge – congratulations Brian!  ThermoDefender uses Lepton to watch for and defend against floods and fires in the home […]

Thermal Defender

Project name: Thermal Defender Developer: Brian Boatright Description: Thermal Defender is an IoT device that can detect flood waters within the walls or floor of your home or small business and then engage a remotely controlled water shut-off valve to prevent any serious damage. Status: Prototype About the project: For as long as he can [...]

More winners and more contests

December Maker Contest Winner Thanks to everyone that submitted new Make ideas and projects as part of the contest! We updated the Lepton community showcase and it now features impressive projects including the Masters Drone by Dave Masters, the Wireless Traffic Analytics project by Cullen McGough, the Lepton Battery Stress Tester/Monitor by Anthony Wu, the […]

Battery Stress Tester / Monitor

Project Name: Battery Stress Tester / Monitor Developed by: Anthony Wu Date Submitted: December 29th, 2016 Project Description: A real-time battery stress testing/monitoring method that allows battery designers to better design mobile products to function safely for millions of consumers worldwide. Readme:  In the world of battery stress testing, we typically sample the battery temperature [...]