Radiometric Detection for Patrol Boats

Project name: Radiometric Detection for Patrol Boats Developer: Michael Civay Description: Thermal solution that uses two stitched Lepton cameras to perform detection in harsh conditions. Status: Prototype About the project: Solution formed using Python and OpenCV running on a Raspberry Pi 3B+. Keypoint matching and homography matrix estimation was utilized to stitch frames from two FLIR camera video streams. [...]

Thermal Lookout

Project name: Thermal Lookout Developer: Erik Archibald Description: The Thermal Lookout is a cloud-connected internet of things thermal imaging camera. The camera collects visible light and thermal infrared. A web app is used to specify temperature ranges of interest. The device identifies when a specified percentage of the observed temperatures fall inside a given range and triggers [...]

Thermal Stereo Cam

Project name: Thermal Stereo Cam Developer: Iwao Watanabe and Takeshi Ono of W&T/Toyo Trading Co. Description:  Thermal Stereo Cam showing VR image via iPhone apps with Pointcloud and 2 FLIR Lepton 3.5 with breakout board Status: Prototype About the project:  Check out the video of the project here for a great look at what they’ve done with Lepton [...]

Thermal Defender

Project name: Thermal Defender Developer: Brian Boatright Description: Thermal Defender is an IoT device that can detect flood waters within the walls or floor of your home or small business and then engage a remotely controlled water shut-off valve to prevent any serious damage. Status: Prototype About the project: For as long as he can [...]

Battery Stress Tester / Monitor

Project Name: Battery Stress Tester / Monitor Developed by: Anthony Wu Date Submitted: December 29th, 2016 Project Description: A real-time battery stress testing/monitoring method that allows battery designers to better design mobile products to function safely for millions of consumers worldwide. Readme:  In the world of battery stress testing, we typically sample the battery temperature [...]

Wireless Traffic Analytics

Project Name: Wireless Traffic Analytics Date Submitted: December 31st, 2016 Project Description: This project creates a portable, wireless sensor package to monitor human/automobile/animal traffic and report the stats directly to Google Analytics. For extra fun, the build includes a programmable array of LEDs that can be triggered by pre-defined conditions.  This is a general-use sensor [...]

RoboCup Rescue League Robot

Project Name: RoboCup Rescue League Robot Developer: Rescube Robotics Description: Adaptive custom mobility robot that can sense its environment and find earthquake victims via Flir Lepton Thermal Imaging, CO2 breath sensors and movement detection Status: Prototype (used in competitions) Date submitted to FLIR: Oct 30, 2016 About the Project: The team of friends at Rescube built their robot for [...]

Masters Drone

Project Name: Masters Drone Developer: Dave Masters Description: Set up Flir Lepton and Pi camera on a drone to transmit video to ground station and capture images to card.  Status: Prototype (flown) Date submitted to FLIR: Dec 1, 2016 About the Project: Dave started with the Lepton imager and the sample Raspberry Pi QT code and added [...]