Dave Masters Drone Flir-2

Project Name: Masters Drone

Developer: Dave Masters

Description: Set up Flir Lepton and Pi camera on a drone to transmit video to ground station and capture images to card. 

Status: Prototype (flown)

Date submitted to FLIR: Dec 1, 2016

About the Project:

Dave started with the Lepton imager and the sample Raspberry Pi QT code and added various new functions to provide a video overlay, control the view and capture images. He then set up an Arduino to read various switches and potentiometers and send serial comms to the Pi to remotely manipulate the controls in the QT window. Once that was working, the serial cable was replaced with a pair of radio modems so the Raspberry Pi, Lepton, Pi Camera and radio modem can be installed on the drone and operated remotely.   The Raspberry Pi output is best via HDMI but on the drone he used the video out and transit to a monitor on the ground in the same way as FPV is used.  The Pi case and camera case were built on his Cobblebot 3d printer and he has now added a 2 axis gimbal for the cameras and is controlled from the DJI Naza 2 flight controller which provides some stabilization to the gimbal servos.  Check out Dave’s video of the drone at https://youtu.be/6eaAnDi8eqQ.