Project name: Thermal Lookout

Developer: Erik Archibald

Description: The Thermal Lookout is a cloud-connected internet of things thermal imaging camera. The camera collects visible light and thermal infrared. A web app is used to specify temperature ranges of interest. The device identifies when a specified percentage of the observed temperatures fall inside a given range and triggers an alert on the IFTTT web platform. The IFTTT platform is used to trigger different communication, social media and internet of things platforms.

Status: Prototype

About the project: The hardware consists of Lepton 3.5, Purethermal 2, Raspberry Pi 3 B + and a Raspberry Pi camera. The cameras are housed in a plastic case that uses magnets to allow to it swivel when needed and stay in place otherwise. A web application hosted on the google cloud is used to specify temperature ranges of interest and view the camera live. A python script on the Raspberry Pi continuously queries the cameras and computes histograms of temperature distributions to activate triggers when a given percentage of the image falls into a given temperature range. Preview images are continuously loaded into the web app. Triggers are sent to the IFTTT platform with the maximum temperature, the percentage of image in the threshold and a URL link to a saved visible and thermal image which can then be sent in a message, posted on social media or used to trigger an action such as turning on or off an internet of things connected device such as a smart wall socket, smart light, sprinkler system or A/C control.

Check out Erik’s own video on his creation:

Thermal Lookout