Project name: Thermal Stereo Cam

Developer: Iwao Watanabe and Takeshi Ono of W&T/Toyo Trading Co.

Description:  Thermal Stereo Cam showing VR image via iPhone apps with Pointcloud and 2 FLIR Lepton 3.5 with breakout board

Status: Prototype

About the project:  Check out the video of the project here for a great look at what they’ve done with Lepton !

This project began with Takeshi Ono’s Lepton(80X60) WITH ESP8266(ESP-WROOM-02) system transmitting data to an iPhone.  He later came to a blog asking him to develop with Lepton 3, which has more resolution and could be attached to his drone.  From there Wiwao and Take developed the Thermal Stereo Cam system together.

They started with Lepton (80×60) displaying 160x120pixel with and iPhone and then moved to Lepton 3 (160×120) showing 320x240pixel on iPhone.  They didn’t go with FPV (NTSC or PAL) because the system is dealing with raw data, which is “4-fold interpolation”.  The results were ok with Lepton (80×60) however LEPTON 3 is 4 times more data transmitting to iPhone, which caused problems for them.  Their system worked ok indoors, but outside it did not work properly because Lepton 3 consumes ESP8266 RAM (more than 85%) which made our system unstable and caused it to reset many times.

After 7 months of experimenting they were able to make it more stable at 8-9fps and 100m transmitting between ESP8266 and iPhone with the clear condition.  They maximized ESP8266 capabilities (nearly 90%), and their Lepton 3-based system is now available to the public.  Last year they added Thermal Stereo Cam support for two LEPTON 3s, and now with Lepton 3.5 their software gets better temperature data accuracy with less code.  They also installed openFrameworks on NVIDIA TX2.

Unfortunately, they found that two ESP8266s interfere each other, and found that max distance was about 30m which interferes with drone systems, so they’re still working to resolve these issues.  In addition, they are still actively developing other cool Lepton-based projects and you can follow their progress here.

Stereo Thermal Cam hardware enables you to run their system with an iPhone, a Lepton 3, their ESP8266, and their W&T Thermal Cam apps.  They can’t currently distribute their apps via the App Store, but they’re willing to send them via TestFlight.  To request it send an email to,  While not native English speakers, they’ll do their best to support you.

For good reason, they’re proud of their system and we’re grateful to include it in the Lepton Makers’ Community Showcase.  Keep up the great work, guys!