Project Name: Wireless Traffic Analytics

Date Submitted: December 31st, 2016

Project Description:

This project creates a portable, wireless sensor package to monitor human/automobile/animal traffic and report the stats directly to Google Analytics. For extra fun, the build includes a programmable array of LEDs that can be triggered by pre-defined conditions.  This is a general-use sensor package that can be easily adapted for a variety of specific uses – real-time consumer behavior tracking, traffic patterns, game sensor, enhanced advertising displays, security functions, you name it!  My specific build is using a raspberry pi configured to use a pre-set wifi network, but you could also achieve the same data capture with a 3G cellular uplink.  The specified battery pack will last ~2 days, depending on LED use. For extended placement, consider adding a solar panel or a fixed power supply.



  • FLIR Lepton
  • Raspberry Pi 3 running Raspberrian
  • Adafruit Accessories Quad Level-Shifter
  • Microtivity IB401 400-point Experiment Breadboard w/ Jumper Wires
  • Addressable Sealed WS2812 RGB 30-LED Strip (1 Meter)
  • 10000mAh Power Bank, Romoss Polymos 10 Air 10000mAh Dual USB Li-polymer External Battery Pack for iPhone Samsung HTC Smartphones Tablets (White)
  • Material for external shell. (In my case, I used corrugated plastic signboard, but you may choose something more rugged.)
  • Code Requirements:
  • Raspberrian OS
  • Open CV
  • Python

Python Libraries:

  • import cv2
  • import numpy as np
  • import math
  • from pylepton import Lepton
  • import sys
  • import os
  • import time
  • import random
  • from neopixel import
  • import argparsimport multiprocessing
  • from UniversalAnalytics import Tracker


  • ECEEN 13W 2-Port USB Universal Foldable Solar Charger, Black ()
  • Itead Raspberry Pi GSM Board (SIM800) (If cellular option preferred)