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Change to Raw14 format

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    Hello, I’m trying to change VideoOutputFormat from ‘RGB888’ to ‘Raw14’. Because I want to use T-Linear mode to get temperature data. I use Lepton 3.5 and Purethermal 2.0
    1. My program makes error at video.Read(frame); when I set VideoOutputFormat to ‘Raw14’ while program is running.
    2. VideoOutputFormat is changed to RGB888 automatically when program starts.
    3. When I set T-Linear mode enabled, frame divided by 4 area(vertical). (Is it format problem?)

    Are there any settings I missed? Or do I have to initialize Mat size and Mat Type definitely? I want to know what is problem. I would be very grateful if you could help me.
    I’m using the Opencv, C# and the Lepton Windows SDK.

    This is my code
    CCI lepton;
    var device = devices[0];
    lepton = device.Open();
    lepton.vid.SetVideoOutputFormat(CCI.Vid.VideoOutputFormat.RAW14); //VideoOutputFormat

    Mat frame = new Mat();
    VideoCapture video;
    Cv2.ImShow(“frame”, frame);



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    Hello Dongjun.
    My native language is Japanese and I post it as a machine translation.
    Please forgive me if my grammar is incorrect.

    Maybe you have the exact same problem as I do.
    See the post below.

    Windows SDK does not work.

    I gave up solving this problem.
    I’m currently using ManagedIR16Filters.dll to receive image data.
    I learned how to use this DLL from python sample code.

    I hope my information is useful to you.

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