Enclosure options?

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    I know that many materials which are transparent to visible light do not pass LWIR.

    Anybody have suggestions for a good option for an enclosure that will hold a Pi along with a FLiR Dev Kit with Lepton module? Perhaps a case or window made from HDPE would work?

    Ultimately I’m looking for a solution to provide a degree of protection against dust and the like, not necessarily weather-tight.


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    Hi Kevin,

    For ideas on what materials would make a good window for the Lepton, you could check Section 11 from the Lepton Data Brief.

    Here’s a snippet:
    “Common materials for LWIR windows include silicon, germanium, and zinc selenide”

    – Belsin


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    Good info, but I’d suspect that a reasonable size window made out of any of those materials might be outside of a hobbyist budget.

    For now, I’m using a section of the cling-wrap from a gas station egg salad sandwich. Got the idea here.


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    Cal Loo


    Yep, that’s gonna be a LOT less expensive. I’m interested to hear how that works out for you Kevin, good luck!



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    I’ve also discovered that the stiff plastic used to store photo paper is mostly thermally transparent. I did a couple quick tests and even 3-4 sheets bundled together allow most of the IR through.


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    good stuff is the proof windows from a motion detector.
    You can it warm up and press a thin film.

    Not for outdoor, in case of rain, poison can develop:
    You use 2 ZnSe Laser lens with the same focal length, that’s an enlargement of 1.
    Or 2 with different focal length for a telelense.



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    Has there been any new developments on more accessible lens to use for the flir lepton dev kit as a transparent protective enclosure?

    2 ZnSe lens sounds like it will take up a lot of space.

    any other recommendations?

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