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Error in getting image (red square on image)

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    I cannot get image stream, only a red square on a black backgorund. I am using a Raspberry Pi 3 B, Breakout Board v2.0 and Lepton 3.5. I know this is a known issue, but I have not found any solution to this problem, that is the reason I am posting this, to know if anyone got a solution for it.

    I am following this: https://github.com/groupgets/LeptonModule
    When I run sudo ./raspberrypi_video -tl 3 I got a red square with black background
    When I run sudo ./raspberrypi_qt I got a full red square

    What I have tried:
    – Changing the CS0 to CS1 (pin 24 to pin 26). Nothing changed
    – Removing and put back in the sensor in the breakout board. Nothing changed
    – Removing the VDD from breakout board while everything was running. Nothing changed
    – Already checked the connections and the supply voltage in breakout board. All is ok

    Anyone have a solution for this problem? Or any other ideas?


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    Update: How I make it “work”.

    Added this line: fprintf(stdout, "\n"); above if(resets == 750) { into LeptonThread.cpp:
    and added #include <sdtio.h> in the file

    //Note: we've selected 750 resets as an arbitrary limit, since there should never be 750 "null" packets between two valid transmissions at the current poll rate
    //By polling faster, developers may easily exceed this count, and the down period between frames may then be flagged as a loss of sync
            # ADD HERE
            fprintf(stdout, "\n");
    	if(resets == 750) {
    		n_wrong_segment = 0;
    		n_zero_value_drop_frame = 0;
    		SpiOpenPort(0, spiSpeed);

    It’s not beutifull nor a final solution, but worked for me.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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