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help with code in python

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    Hello all,
    I was wondering if you can hep me with a method I’m having a hard time implementing.
    Apparently I don’t understand the syntax of the SDK. I am coding in python and I can’t seem to get some ‘set’ commands to work.
    In the “Quick Start Guide: Getting Started Programing with the Python SDK” I saw the command “lep.vid.SetPcolorLut(0)”. according to that template I tried changing the FFC mode to manual with lep.sys.SetFfcShutterModeObj(0) but I get the following error: Traceback (most recent call last)
    File “cci_and_image.py”, line 27, in lep.sys.SetFfcShutterModeObj(0)
    TypeError: No method matches given arguments for SetFfcShutterModeObj

    I get the same error when trying other ‘set’ commands like SetFramesToAverage.
    What is the correct syntax for those methods and what arguments do they receive?
    I saw people calling set methods with many arguments and HWX values but I don’t understand where does it come from. there is no explanation in the SDK documentation

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