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Need help creating a thermal imaging device that can go on glasses

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    So for the past year I’ve come up with a concept that would involve using the FLIR Lepton for thermal imaging and I wanted to see if this is possible to create. I know little to nothing about pcb’s and electronics, but am willing to do what’s necessary to make this project happen if it is possible to create.

    PROJECT: a small device that would be able to attach/detach on the side of the user’s glasses which would allow them to see a live thermal imaging feed of wherever they are facing. This would essentially be almost like an attachable monocle for the user with one eye looking directly at the lcd screen with the video feed.

    THE GOAL: Have a small device that can fit in a glasses case on its own with thermal imaging capabilities. I want it to be rechargeable and simple. No buttons other than the power on/off button. I don’t want to add any UI or other functions to the device as it’s purpose will be to just feed raw video from the lepton module to the screen. I want the lepton module to feed directly to the lcd screen if possible.

    EHERE I NEED HELP/ANSWERS: First I want to know if this is possible. If it is, then I want to know what I need in order to make it happen. For example, What Lepton- friendly boards can I use that are small enough to fit discretely in a 3D printed shell for the finished product that can also be used as a power source through the use of a small lipo battery? Would any LCD screen be fine? I have an lcd screen with a flexible ribbon connector already attached that I think would be perfect for this project. As far as I know, all I would need is the lepton module itself, a board capable of housing the the lepton module and the lipo battery that can be recharged, and the right lcd screen. Of course, I also want to able to turn the whole device on or off.

    My intention isn’t to mass produce this, I’d just thought it’d be a cool little project to make. When it comes to this project; the smaller, the better (if possible). Any help is appreciated. Thank you.

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