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Overview: Pylepton vs leptonSDK

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    I have a few questions about connecting a Lepton to an RPi using the dev board via I2C, SPI, etc. I’m not interested in a USB interface using the PureThermal boards.

    Pylepton seems to be a great tool for pulling sensor data in python, but it does not allow a user to control the camera (set gain, perform FCC, etc.). Is this correct?

    The lepton SDK seems to be the ONLY way to gain full control to the camera?

    Therefore, if full control of the camera is necessary, the lepton SDK and C-based firmware seems to be the only option, regardless of the hardware (RPi or other embedded device). Is this correct, or are there other available resources that I’m not aware of?

    I’d appreciate your thoughts.

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    Hey Ivo,

    Your statement is correct. The best option is to use Lepton based SDK and C-based firmware.

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    The getting started guide for lepton 3.5 with breakout board 2.0 on raspberry pi is good but it doesn’t mention from where to get the example software. I think, I don’t know anything.
    Please let me know how to start with lepton SDK on raspberry pi with breakout board 2.0. How to automate the Pi to capture images for particular time interval on daily basis and save it to SDK.
    Thank you,



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    Please, if somebody knows how to use the LEPTON C SDK let us know.


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    Hey, Basavaraj.

    It’s under the “Requirement” sub-title (bolded title)

    The last point… “Some additional software that can be found here(this word “here” is a link)”

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