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Purethermal 2 Or Flir Breakout Board

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    I am doing a project that involves having a Thermal camera module connected to a raspberry Pi. What i wish to happen is to have a continuous running series of images being captured, which are then logged along side a GPS signal for location and a timestamp. These Images will then be analysed to determine if a temperature over a certain level was detected, and then flag that location the image was taken.

    I am however not sure between which breakout board i should be getting for the Lepton 3.5 for this purpose, the pure thermal 2 or the Flir breakout board. Wondering if you could advice on their differences and maybe a recommendation for my purposes?



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    Really, it comes down to ease of use. The USB version shows up like a camera (with some driver help I believe). This seems to give the opportunity to use any camera software to capture frames from the device.

    If you used the breakout board, you would need to get into the small pieces of configuring i2C and SPI ports , as well as some digital I/O. It may not be worth the effort for you, especially when others have created a shortcut for you.


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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