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    Hi all, what I need is to get the image from the camera without AGC, with TLinear, to have for each pixel a Kelvin range from 0 to 65535 (RAW14).

    To do this I firstly try to make the LeptonSDKEmb32OEM, but it cannot be compiled in Ubuntu since have got reference to <windows.h>! So I think it is not available for linux like systems.

    I also tried to open the camera with OpenCV. It works, but give me the RGB888, instead of the default RAW14.

    Any hints to do so?

    P.S. I also see that there is an incoming project ATLAS SDK, to have a compilable SDK to use it with programming. Somebody of you knows if it also for linux?


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    Hi Guiseppe,

    Most people using the SDK on other platforms have modified the SDK. You can, of course, do so yourself but here are some sample repositories with already modified SDK code and some sample code to help you get started:
    https://github.com/groupgets/LeptonModule – a pretty well-rounded repo for the lepton v2, contains modified LeptonSDKEmb32OEM
    I highly recommend this repo as I have seen the most positive feedback from Ubuntu users using this particular repository.

    https://github.com/novacoast/Lepton-3-Module – modified for the lepton 3, contains modified LeptonSDKEmb32OEM

    https://github.com/groupgets/pylepton – some sample code to use python with the lepton

    As far as getting RAW14, this forum post may be helpful: https://lepton.flir.com/forums/topic/read-data-in-proper-format-14-bit/

    In regards to the Atlas SDK I believe it is again a Windows-based project, however, as noted on the page about the upcoming SDK you can contact tintin.razavian@flir.se for additional information.

    Please let me know if there are further issues with getting the RAW14 format or if I can provide any further assistance.

    Thank you,
    Allison Torchia


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    Hi Giuseppe,

    Have you accessed LeptonSDKEmb32OEM codes in Linux device?


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    Has been removed, is their somewhere else to download it, or is their a replacement we should be using?


Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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