How to begin building a new project that incorporates the Lepton camera core? As a precursor to Step 1 below, reviewing the data sheets is a good idea. Otherwise, with a little technical foundation, it’s easy. Let’s get started.

Step 1 Register as a Lepton Maker

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Step 2 Choose your Lepton model

Lepton 25°

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Lepton 50°

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Lepton 50°

w/ shutter

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w/ Radiometry

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Step 3 Get a breakout board

Step 4 Choose a platform

Step 6 Downloads

For the next step, writing your first code to communicate with the Lepton, you’ll need to download and include the SDK. It’s available for both 32 and 64 bit architectures. See the IDD document for specifics.

Download the Lepton Embedded SDK
Download the Lepton Windows SDK
Lepton User App V1.3.2
Firmware for Purethermal 1 & 2 boards

Step 7 Hello Thermal!

A play on the classic first program Hello World, Hello Thermal sample code helps you get started with retrieving your first thermal image from the Lepton.

Images from Lepton are pulled over the SPI protocol.  Once your SPI driver is set up on your platform and everything is wired, you’re ready to get thermal imaging!

Hello Thermal source code for Raspberry Pi

Hello Thermal source code for Beaglebone Black