Steps to setup:

1 The Physical Setup.

  • a. Connect USB Hub to BeagleBone Black
  • b. Connect Mouse and Keyboard to Hub
  • c. Connect monitor to BeagleBone Black via micro HDMI cable
  • d. /*Setup breadboard and wiring to beaglebone*/
  • e. Connect 5V Power Cable to BeagleBone.
  • Note: The board can be powered either by connecting the power cable or connecting to a computer via the USB cable. Connecting both can cause damage to the board. For this section of the setup, we are not connecting to a computer so only the power cable should be attached to the board and not the USB cable.

2 Update BeagleBone Black’s packages

  • a. apt-get upgrade
  • b. apt-get update
  • c. apt-get install qt4-dev-tools

3 Reboot BeagleBone Black

4Configure BeagleBone Pins

  • a. Run the following command to check the board’s slots. There should be 5
    • i. cat /sys/devices/bone_capemgr.9/slots
  • b. Export SPI device tree overlay with following command:
    • i. echo ADAFRUIT-SPI0 > /sys/devices/bone_capemgr.9/slots
  • c. When running the cat command from part a, you should now see a 6th slot.

5 Clone BeagleBone Black Lepton repository

  • a. git clone
  • b. ^^^ This needs to change to wherever the code is uploaded

6Run the demo.

  • a. cd into the LeptonModule directory
  • b. cd into bbb_video
  • c. cd into leptonSDKEmb32PUB
  • d. enter command: “make”
  • e. cd ..
  • f. enter command: “qmake && make”
  • g. run the executable by using the command: “./bbb”

Parts Needed:

  1. USB Hub
  2. USB Mouse
  3. USB Keyboard
  4. HDMI Monitor
  5. Wires
  6. BreadBoard
  7. Micro SD Card (with SD card adapter)

The following are available at

  1. BeagleBone Black (comes with USB cable)
    • a. Order from:
    • b. Part#: BB-BBLK-000-REVC-ND
  2. Micro HDMI Cable
    • a. Order from:
    • b. Part#: WM1285-ND
  3. 3. Power Supply:
    • a. Order from:
    • b. Part3: 237-1385-ND
  4. 4. Flir Lepton
    • a. Order from:
  5. 5. Lepton Breakout Board
    • a. Order from:
    • b. Part#: 250-0587-00-ND