In this guide, we will introduce the Lepton Windows SDK. The Lepton SDK is written in .NET but for the purpose of this guide we will be using a package called pythonnet. Using it will allow us to interface with it using Python. The benefit of using Python to interface with the SDK is that Python is very quick to get started with.

There will be an introduction to some of the code used to interface with the SDK and we’ll be using Jupyter Labs to display the output from the Lepton camera. By the end of this guide, you will have an environment to communicate with and display a Lepton camera’s output.


3Video Guide


  • What are pythonnet, jupyterlab, numpy and matplotlib? Where can I download them?

  • Although the aren’t required for using the SDK, they help with the purpose of this demo. In the guide, a command is run in powershell pip install pythonnet jupyterlab numpy matplotlib which will download and install them automatically – as long as your computer is connected to the internet.