FLIR and GroupGets congratulate Erik Archibald as the winner of the 2018 Thermal by FLIR Maker Challenge with his Thermal Lookout project!

Winning project Thermal Lookout by Erik Archibald is a Lepton 3.5-based Internet of Things visual and thermal camera that utilizes the IFTTT web platform to perform actions based on inputs and conditional logic.

About Erik Archibald

Erik Archibald is currently a PhD student at the University of Texas at Austin where he is studying Civil Engineering. Erik holds a BS in Civil Engineering from Brigham Young University and a Masters degrees in Civil Engineering and also Disaster Science and Management from the University of Delaware. He is a licensed Professional Engineer and previously worked as a structural engineer, designing buildings to resist blast and impact. He formerly served as a volunteer firefighter in Mississippi and Pennsylvania and in his current research works on firefighter safety and firefighting technology.

Much of his research for his PhD deals with characterizing the fire and explosion hazards of large energy storage systems for firefighters and building officials. Erik is also currently working on developing smart firefighting technology to improve firefighter response to structural and wildland fires.


We’d also like to acknowledge the three runners-up, which were also excellent submissions:

  • Michael Civay for the Stitched FLIR for Patrol Boats
  • GRASP Laboratory/Agribugs for Irrigation Leak Detection
  • Dylan Holden for Thermal DesorbIR

A sincere thank you to everyone that participated in the Thermal by FLIR Challenge!