Hey Lepton makers,

Congratulations to Walter Lucetti of Italy on winning the Lepton 3/BeagleBone Blue maker challenge with his SmarTC (Smart Thermal Camera) application. A computer engineer specializing in robotics, computer vision and artificial intelligence, Walter created an intelligent sensor capable of better understanding the environment where a robot is operating, enabling cool features like human tracking and/or avoidance. You can check out his project summary video here as well as his source code that is available publicly on Github. His creativity and hard work earned him a gen 3 FLIR ONE Pro from FLIR and a Renaissance Robotics Edumip robotics kit from Congratulations and great job Walter, and thanks so much to all of you that participated in the challenge! Thanks also to Jason K. and the team at for co-sponsoring this fun challenge with us!

Do you have ideas for cool and interesting ways to use thermal imaging in your projects? There are good resources to support you on our maker site and we’re very interested in hearing what you’re working on! If you want to share your ideas or ask questions about how to get things done feel free to post on the maker forum or drop me an email at

Happy making with thermal,